Where to Get the Books

I received an email yesterday from a fellow fan who wanted to know where you could get Ms. Comfort’s books.  I know of only one place to get them and that is through Amazon.com.  I have created a profile on Amazon and put each of the books on my public wishlist. Most of the books are only available through 3 parties and 1 is a collector’s edition so it is quite expensive.  The author has or had her own publishing company called Landgrove Press but I haven’t found it on the internet yet.  You can order 4 of the Tish McWhinney Books through Mysterlovers.com .  But the best source I have found is Alibris.com which has all of her books available except for the Green Mountain Murder.  I cannot seem to find that book anywhere else except for the 1 used copy at Amazon for over $100.  If you have a copy of this book or know of where it can be found for a reasonable rate please contact us so we can pass the word around.

You can get more information about the area at www.vermont.com They have lots of information about the State of Vermont with pictures, a blog and other great things.  Landrove is located in the Southwest Region of the state. For those of you who live in the region it would be great to hear from you.   If you would like to add pictures you might have of the author then please email we at:  jolene.macfadden@barbaracomfort.info and I will upload them.

Cheers and Happy Reading!