We Need Fan Fiction and Reviews

We are calling on all of the fans of Barbara Comfort to send us some fan fiction stories, experiences in meeting with Barbara Comfort and reviews of her books. You can send us your files directly to our email address of jolene dot macfadden at barbaracomfort dot info. These files can be in an Acrobat Reader pdf format, Microsoft Word doc or even a Notepad txt file less than 3MB in size. If you have pictures you would like to share of the author, book covers or areas of Vermont that the books are about you can upload those in jpeg, jpg, bmp or gif format. We can even accept a small movie file in mov, mpeg and wmv format. We will email you if when we post the information to the website. We cannot offer any payment for postings but we will give you credit. If you are using someone else work please tell us where you got it from.

One last note for my fellow writers out there. If you have a project or book that you think is ready to be published but you need financing to make it happen then you might want to consider using a crowdfunding source such as Kickstarter.com. We had a project with them and still check it our every now and then to see if there are any projects that appeal to us. We found one that Whoopie Goldberg is trying to get funded. But remember that Kickstarter is an “All or Nothing” funding source and that means if you don’t reach your goal you do not get the money. We are currently using IndieGoGo.com which allows Flexible Funding. In other words whatever funds you can raise you receive right away until the end of your time limit. Yes, they will take a small fee for administrative costs but their tools are excellent and they do have some great tutorials to get you started. Check out our project below and then read through some of the others. Everyone deserves to be published even if you have to do it yourself. Barbara Comfort self-published “At Loggerheads”. Why not you too?