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What is Your Favorite Quote

Sorry this posting is a little late being sent out but I hope everyone gets it okay. We are collecting our favorite quotes from the Tish McWhinny books and for those who actually know Barbara Comfort we would like your input as well. Every story that you read and character that you enjoy reading over and over again says some pretty remarkable things. Some of the sayings maybe something that you would really like to remember and use in your own day-to-day life.

It doesn’t matter what the quote is about only that it sticks in your mind and you think it is memorable enough to share. Once we have gathered about 20 or 30 of them I will put them in a database and they will begin running on the sidebar. You can post your own quotes in the comments section, in a guestbook entry or even emailing it to me. Remember to tell us which book it was in and which character said it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from the main character to be memorable. It is always fun to read quotes from different people and we look forward to hearing from you real soon!

New Items Posted

Good day fellow Barbara Comfort fans. We have added a few items to the fansite. We have added a bookstore page to try and get any of the Barbara Comfort’s books that you may have missed. We have also added some items from Vermont and of course, informational books and videos about painting and painters.

We have also looked around the internet for some links that we thought you might like to look over. Vermont vacation guides and the Vermont Government websites to name a few. We will be adding more information about Vermont and painting as we come across it. We haven’t heard about any new books being release by Ms. Comfort and if you have it then lets us and her fellow fans kn


Where to Get the Books

I received an email yesterday from a fellow fan who wanted to know where you could get Ms. Comfort’s books.  I know of only one place to get them and that is through  I have created a profile on Amazon and put each of the books on my public wishlist. Most of the books are only available through 3 parties and 1 is a collector’s edition so it is quite expensive.  The author has or had her own publishing company called Landgrove Press but I haven’t found it on the internet yet.  You can order 4 of the Tish McWhinney Books through .  But the best source I have found is which has all of her books available except for the Green Mountain Murder.  I cannot seem to find that book anywhere else except for the 1 used copy at Amazon for over $100.  If you have a copy of this book or know of where it can be found for a reasonable rate please contact us so we can pass the word around.

You can get more information about the area at They have lots of information about the State of Vermont with pictures, a blog and other great things.  Landrove is located in the Southwest Region of the state. For those of you who live in the region it would be great to hear from you.   If you would like to add pictures you might have of the author then please email we at: and I will upload them.

Cheers and Happy Reading!

Updates for the Fans

Hello, everyone we have finally finished with the site but could use some help filling in a few blanks.  As you go through the site you will notice that there are some gaps here and there that I am counting on my fellow fans to fill in.  I haven’t read all of Barbara Comfort’s books yet and am having problems finding some of the books so I haven’t had a chance to get some informative info on all the books yet.  Under the booklist tab are two pages one for Liz Bell and the other for Tish McWhinney.  So use the contact page and send in your own book synopsis and we will post them for all of the fans.

Keep Reading and we look forward to hearing from you.  And thanks so much to Beth Kanell who wrote the About page article and sent in the picture of Barbara Comfort!


Welcome to the Barbara Comfort author Fan Blog.  We hope to bring to all the fans of this wonderful author a place to meet others who enjoy her published works and would like to discuss them and the characters she has created.  As we gather more information about the author, her writtens, her biography info, etc it will be posted. 

For the subscribers to the Fan Blog you will be given the opportunity to post comments to each of the blogs and some of the pages as well.  We want to encourage everyone to share their reading experiences with this author’s work as well as any stories and pictures you may have of this author. 

Hope you enjoy the Blog and keep coming back.  For those who would like to become regular contributors to the blog you can email me at: and put “Become a contributor” in the subject field.  You will need to give me your subscriber ID so that I can upgrade your status to contributor.  Once I email you of the change you can begin to make your own posts to this blog.  Remember to stay on-topic and keep the language rated “G”.