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At Loggerheads
At Loggerheads
If you haven’t been on the site in a while you might notice that we have tweaked the look, re-arranged a few items and we have added some more security items in the background. We encourage anyone to register as a subscriber to the website and even put your email address in the “Subscribe to Blog” box that will send you an email every time we post any new News or Updates in the future. Regular subscribers are allowed to make comments to any of the pages or posts. If you haven’t sign-in on the site in a while or if you are a suspected spammer out new software updates have deleted your accounts. Legitimate fans are more than welcome to register again through the Log-In Function on the sidebar on the right of the screen. You do not have to be a registered user to receive emails of News and Updates just put your email address in the box on the left of the screen.
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Fall Colors Are Great

Autumn LeafFall colors are great and they are plentiful in Vermont. One of the smallest states in the union has produced some of the most amazing things. From syrup, great works of art and our favorite fiction. Some facts about Vermont from WIKI: Population 626,000; 9620 sq mi; 80 miles wide by 160 miles long; and only 14 counties. Dairy Farming is falling but still fairly big. Captive Insurance is playing a large role in Vermont’s economy. Tourism is a major source of income. A major exporter of maple syrup. Major employers are IBM, Fletcher Allen Health Care and various Vermont Government agencies.

Ms. Barbara Comfort wrote quite a few stories set in her home state that entertained us for years. Her books are slowly disappearing from bookstores and online so you may have trouble getting copies of her stories to read. Of course, you cannot get even one of her books on Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble eBooks. This is a terrible thing. All of her fans would like to be able to buy her entire collection of books online just like any other. If her fans want to sign a petition to her former publishers to get all of her books in eBook format we can do it. We are still looking for Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Tish McWhinny Crosswords, Liz Bell Crosswords, search-a-words, etc. Just go to our CONTACT US page and drop us a line.
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Liz Bell versus Tish McWhinney

BarbaraComfortLiz Bell versus Tish McWhinney would that be a great storyline? I haven’t been able to find the Liz Bell books to read so I am asking all the Barbara Comfort fans out there would these two characters come together in a story as adversaries or would they be able to work together to solve a mystery? Wouldn’t you like to see a story with both of these characters in it. This author and these characters deserved to be remember and we are sure that there are a couple of fans would go put together a story line that us fellow fans would appreciate and even could contribute to. Just because the author is no longer with us doesn’t mean that her fans cannot create some great fan fiction and share them with the rest of us. Continue reading “Liz Bell versus Tish McWhinney”

We Need Fan Fiction and Reviews

We are calling on all of the fans of Barbara Comfort to send us some fan fiction stories, experiences in meeting with Barbara Comfort and reviews of her books. You can send us your files directly to our email address of jolene dot macfadden at barbaracomfort dot info. These files can be in an Acrobat Reader pdf format, Microsoft Word doc or even a Notepad txt file less than 3MB in size. If you have pictures you would like to share of the author, book covers or areas of Vermont that the books are about you can upload those in jpeg, jpg, bmp or gif format. We can even accept a small movie file in mov, mpeg and wmv format. We will email you if when we post the information to the website. We cannot offer any payment for postings but we will give you credit. If you are using someone else work please tell us where you got it from.
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Barbara Comfort Has Passed Away

We are so sad to hear that Barbara Comfort has passed away last month at the age of 95. We will miss her writing. We encourage all of her fans to go to the obituary page and sign the Guestbook. Here is the link: We have added the article from the Times on the ABOUT page.

We will keep this website going in honor of our favorite author. Keep coming back. Over the next couple of months we hope you will send us your suggestions on some articles we could write, story suggestions for our favorite Tish McWhinney characters or anything that comes to mind in keeping with the theme of this Fan Page.

Calling All Fans

Good day to all of my fellow Barbara Comfort Fans. We hope you have all had a safe and happy holiday season. And we apologize for not posting any new updates in the News and Updates page however, there wasn’t really anything new to report. We all hope that Mrs Comfort is doing well this new year. As a fan I have been re-reading her books this past year and have enjoyed them tremendously. I have been “voting” for them to be put in Kindle Format so that I can take them with me on my trips this coming year! You can do that too by just clicking on the banner below and go to each of the books pages, where you see the Kindle Picture there is a line next to it: “I would like to read this on Kindle” and it will go to the publisher. If they get enough votes then, maybe, they will release all of her great books in a Kindle version. You don’t have to have a Kindle to read them because Amazon has a Kindle App that you can install on your computer. It is great and you can even get other books as well, some of them are offered for FREE! I have downloaded lots of great books that way. I have even gotten FREE previews of upcoming books. Continue reading “Calling All Fans”

Message From Kingdom Books

Below is a message I received from David Kanell, a bookstore owner in Vermont that has some great news for fans of Barbara Comfort. Contact him directly if you would be interested in a Spiral-bound Scrap Book written by and about Barbara herself. Maybe with enough interested fans we may be able to get a reprint offered! Continue reading “Message From Kingdom Books”