Liz Bell versus Tish McWhinney

BarbaraComfortLiz Bell versus Tish McWhinney would that be a great storyline? I haven’t been able to find the Liz Bell books to read so I am asking all the Barbara Comfort fans out there would these two characters come together in a story as adversaries or would they be able to work together to solve a mystery? Wouldn’t you like to see a story with both of these characters in it. This author and these characters deserved to be remember and we are sure that there are a couple of fans would go put together a story line that us fellow fans would appreciate and even could contribute to. Just because the author is no longer with us doesn’t mean that her fans cannot create some great fan fiction and share them with the rest of us.

My mom, daughter and I are traveling around the state of Florida in an old RV and do not have access to our book collection for the next year or so. We do have Kindles but these books are not being offered on Amazon at the moment. If you can help us with story ideas, write a short story involving these characters together or with some of you other favorite characters in fiction. The field is wide open. As avid readers we appreciate more stories about our favorite characters when the author is no longer able to create them. You can upload a text or WORD document using the Contact Form and we will post your stories to this website as soon as we get them.