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At Loggerheads
At Loggerheads
If you haven’t been on the site in a while you might notice that we have tweaked the look, re-arranged a few items and we have added some more security items in the background. We encourage anyone to register as a subscriber to the website and even put your email address in the “Subscribe to Blog” box that will send you an email every time we post any new News or Updates in the future. Regular subscribers are allowed to make comments to any of the pages or posts. If you haven’t sign-in on the site in a while or if you are a suspected spammer out new software updates have deleted your accounts. Legitimate fans are more than welcome to register again through the Log-In Function on the sidebar on the right of the screen. You do not have to be a registered user to receive emails of News and Updates just put your email address in the box on the left of the screen.

Since Ms. Comfort is no longer with us we still want her works to be remembered. We are still asking for fan-fiction, fan art, crosswords and search-a-words based on her books, and we hope you will send us you pictures of Vermont, personal stories about the author, favorite quotes from her books and anything that you would like to share with her fellow fans. We hope someone will help us with these as my mom and I are traveling around the state of Florida in an old RV and were not able to bring our books and Ms. Comfort’s books are not available in a Kindle version 🙁 yet?!?! Please send your fan fiction, fan art, book synopsis and reviews as well as fan puzzles to us using the CONTACT US form that allows you to upload a file directly to our email.

If you have copies of Barbara Comfort’s books and would like to sell them you can always send the information to us using our CONTACT US form. We will not arbitrate any disputes between sellers and buyers. We are only offering to list the information here on the fansite. Please include your name, contact information, which book(s), what condition it is in, and how much you are asking for the book and shipping. We will post the information here and if we get enough responses we might even create a page just for that purpose. If you would like a more secure way to sell your books you can always join Amazon as a seller. They will handle the financial part through their secure servers all you have to do is mail it out once you receive payment. Sell On Amazon We will be happy to include a link to you books on Amazon here as well.