Fall Colors Are Great

Autumn LeafFall colors are great and they are plentiful in Vermont. One of the smallest states in the union has produced some of the most amazing things. From syrup, great works of art and our favorite fiction. Some facts about Vermont from WIKI: Population 626,000; 9620 sq mi; 80 miles wide by 160 miles long; and only 14 counties. Dairy Farming is falling but still fairly big. Captive Insurance is playing a large role in Vermont’s economy. Tourism is a major source of income. A major exporter of maple syrup. Major employers are IBM, Fletcher Allen Health Care and various Vermont Government agencies.

Ms. Barbara Comfort wrote quite a few stories set in her home state that entertained us for years. Her books are slowly disappearing from bookstores and online so you may have trouble getting copies of her stories to read. Of course, you cannot get even one of her books on Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble eBooks. This is a terrible thing. All of her fans would like to be able to buy her entire collection of books online just like any other. If her fans want to sign a petition to her former publishers to get all of her books in eBook format we can do it. We are still looking for Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Tish McWhinny Crosswords, Liz Bell Crosswords, search-a-words, etc. Just go to our CONTACT US page and drop us a line.

View information about the Green Mountains: http://www.fs.usda.gov/greenmountain

View information about Vermont State Parks: http://www.vtstateparks.com/

Plan a Vacation to Vermont: http://www.vermontvacation.com/vermont%20by%20season/fall/current%20foliage%20report.aspx

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