Here is a Printable Booklist of Barbara Comfort’s books:

  • Vermont Village Murder, Landgrove (Landgrove, VT), 1982.
  • Green Mountain Murder, Landgrove, 1986.

  • Phoebe’s Knee, Landgrove, 1986.

  • Grave Consequences, Landgrove, 1989.

  • The Cashmere Kid, Countryman Press (Woodstock, VT), 1993.

  • Elusive Quarry, Foul Play Press (Woodstock, VT), 1995.

  • A Pair for the Queen, Foul Play Press, 1998.

  • At Loggerheads, 2001


Don’t know where to put the book below as it seems no one has read it, review it or even has a copy of it. If you happen to have a copy and read it please send us a synopsis and list of characters from the story so that we can update our pages. Please use our CONTACT US form. We thank you in advance.

At Loggerheads was self-published in 2001,

At Loggerheads
At Loggerheads