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Barbara Comfort has only written a few books.  Here you can try to purchase them for yourself.  They are not offered in any of the bookstores that I can find except for here at Amazon and secondhand bookstores.  A few of them are still available at your local libraries as well. We are an affiliate of Amazon and they handle all of the transactions through their secure servers. We only receive a small percentage of most sales. We appreciate you buying on Amazon using this page as a beginning. Whatever you buy we will eventually receive some kind of commission and those funds go towards keeping this fan site going. Thanks in advance for your purchases and please bookmark this page as well as share it with your friends and family.

If you have copies of Barbara Comforts books that you would like to sell we would be happy to post them here on her fansite. Just use the CONTACT US form with your contact info, the title of the book, condition of the book and how much you need for the book and shipping. This is strictly a listing service we are offering our fellow fans. We don’t arbitrate any disputes between seller and buyer. If you want a more secure way to offer your books for sale you can always join Amazon as a seller, list the books with them and they will handle the rest. All you have to do is mail the book when payment is received. Sell On Amazon

Happy Reading!